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Amarillo Oral Surgeon

When you want the best in technology for your oral surgeon visits, you want to visit Dr. Atkins at Lonestar Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery of Amarillo. Dr. Atkins, will work with you from diagnosis, through treatment, and then recovery, ensuring you get the best possible outcome. Trust our experience and staff to put your mind at ease. Call us at our office today to schedule an appointment with our oral surgeon and let us show you the difference we can make.

Dr. Atkins also uses virtual surgery planning for many oral or facial surgery procedures. This allows Dr. Atkins to be very accurate when performing your oral surgery. With this virtual plan, we can also work with your general dentist to plan your ideal restoration.

Dental Implants

Dental implants can be used to support dental restorations that involve a single tooth or Dental Implantsmultiple teeth. Where multiple teeth are missing, two or more dental implants can be used to support a bridge.  This treatment makes for an ideal long-term solution for replacing multiple missing teeth.

The cost of treatment depends on the number of implants required and the type of restoration planned. There may also be additional costs if bone grafts or soft tissue grafts are needed prior to or during implant placement. This treatment frequently offers a near ideal long-term solution.

Wisdom Teeth

Dr. Atkins is a highly trained oral surgeon who strives to provide you with the highest quality care in a safe, comfortable environment. Dr. Atkins has received extensive training in the fields of medicine and oral and maxillofacial surgery.  He has expertise in a variety of different procedures involving the teeth, mouth and face. Removal of wisdom teeth is one of the most common procedures he performs.

Bone Grafting

Bone grafting in preparation for dental implants is extremely common. The implant posts must be inserted into a certain amount of healthy bone to be successful.  Being surrounded by healthy bone ensures that the implant will be held firmly in place while the bone gradually grows to the implant post during the process of osteointegration.  This is critical to the success of the implant treatment.

Facial Trauma

As a Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Dr. Atkins has extensive training and experience in the proper treatment of facial trauma. Dr. Atkins is well versed in emergency care, acute treatment, and long-term reconstruction and rehabilitation of facial injuries. Injuries to the face impart a high degree of emotional and physical trauma to patients. The science and art of treating these injuries requires special training.  It involves a hands-on experience and understanding of how the treatment will influence the patient’s long term appearance and function.

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