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Yilan B. Avatar
It was wonderful, I have always been afraid of the dentist and today I was very scared but I have to say that with the treatment of the assistant and the doctor everything was much better I really recommend it I did not feel pain at any time and the experience in this place was very nice… Thanks for everything
Yilan B. 2/10/2024
Edward W. Avatar
Edward W. 2/10/2024
Lisa C. Avatar
Great place. Everyone was so courteous, professional, super friendly. The surgeon is super outgoing and easy to talk to. Great experience. Thank you
Lisa C. 2/07/2024
Melody B. Avatar
Dr. Atkins and his staff went above and beyond in treating me, someone with terrible anxiety about dental work. He was sweet, kind, professional and followed up with a caring phone call. I would highly recommend Lone Star Dental in Pampa to anyone.
Melody B. 2/07/2024
Kendall D. Avatar
We had an excellent experience at Dr. Atkins office. Great staff and excellent customer service. Dr Atkins personally calls to check on you. Would highly recommend to anyone who needs an oral surgeon.
Kendall D. 2/06/2024
Christopher A. Avatar
Christopher A. 2/06/2024
BIFF H. Avatar
Staff was prompt and friendly. Doctor was thorough and knowledgeable. Overall great experience.
BIFF H. 2/05/2024
Mary Y. Avatar
Met with Dr Atkins for consultation. He was very through in his explanation of what needed to be done. He was friendly, answered my questions, and didn't seem rushed.
Mary Y. 2/05/2024
Tasha R. Avatar
Great service from the assistants in the procedure room with preparing me for my dental work and Dr.Adkins did amazing job making sure I was comfortable and pain free with my tooth extractions.Got me in on a emergency basis..greatly appreciated for their services.
Tasha R. 2/05/2024
sean r. Avatar
I was nervous getting my wisdom teeth removed, but the staff put me at ease; I didn’t even realize they had put me under by the time they said the procedure was done. Thank you Lone Star!
sean r. 2/05/2024
Dana M. Avatar
Everyone at the office was amazing. I am 61 years old and I have never been to a kinder, more gentle oral surgeon before. Dr. Atkins is amazing at what he does. He makes certain you feel no pain when doing procedures. I highly recommend him.
Dana M. 1/29/2024
Berry C. Avatar
Great experience! They got me in on short notice and took great care of my issue. Follow up was great too.
Berry C. 1/27/2024
Thompson C. Avatar
No complaints at all! Friendly staff, professionals, short wait, I’m scared to death of dentists, this place will get u past that!
Thompson C. 1/27/2024
Mitch M. Avatar
Great all around! Thanks for calling checking in after the procedure.
Mitch M. 1/27/2024
Heather C. Avatar
All was good except catching the billing with the insurance. Dental is expensive as is. So know what your insurance will pay vs. what this place bills for! Other than that it was an ok place.
Heather C. 1/27/2024
Doug M. Avatar
The people were all fantastic!!!
Doug M. 1/27/2024
Carla G. Avatar
Great staff and Dr. Atkins is very professional and efficient. Super hospitable and kind folks. Highly recommend.
Carla G. 1/26/2024
Tim S. Avatar
I had a good visit and the service was awesome they got me taken care of in ample time and I know exactly what I need to do and what the dentist going to do to make the procedure comfortable for me I feel very confident that I'll have my smile back once he gets done with the work he's doing to make me a happy man Thank you'll for the courteous service that was provided to me
Tim S. 1/25/2024
Debbie B. Avatar
Dr. Atkins and staff are personable and efficient. My surgery was as painless as it could possibly be.
Debbie B. 1/21/2024
Jamie M. Avatar
Dr. Atkins and staff were very nice and took great care of me! I would highly recommend them.
Jamie M. 1/21/2024
Ty P. Avatar
Very kind stuff
Ty P. 1/21/2024
Keith B. Avatar
Keith B. 1/05/2024
Gatlin G. Avatar
Gatlin G. 1/03/2024
Yvonne M. Avatar
The staff was AMAZING! i've never felt so good about such a scary situation! Everyone treated me great and I would recommend them to anyone! Thank you all so much!!!!
Yvonne M. 12/29/2023
Heather T. Avatar
Heather T. 12/29/2023
Diane N. Avatar
Awesome people. They are nice and friendly and very professional. Dr.Atkins is awesome. I would recommend Lone Star Oral to anyone. Thank you.
Diane N. 12/29/2023
Ivy G. Avatar
This was the BEST experience I have ever had. The doctor & staff were so friendly and supportive. Thank you !
Ivy G. 12/28/2023
Karen S. Avatar
Karen S. 12/28/2023
Winslow E. Avatar
Emergency Tooth Removal Got me in same day. Feels great. No more pain. Very courteous and professional staff, explaining everything
Winslow E. 12/27/2023
Kay S. Avatar
Very nice and got us in and out in timely manor.
Kay S. 12/21/2023
irma c. Avatar
Friendly front office staff. Dr. Atkins was prompt and answered questions straightforward. I appreciate that I wasn’t made to wait for a long period of time. Definitely recommend Dr. Atkins and staff!!
irma c. 12/21/2023
William T. Avatar
William T. 12/21/2023
Julie H. Avatar
Julie H. 12/19/2023
Terri C. Avatar
Dr Atkinson and staff were very friendly and efficient. Procedure was explained and performed quickly.
Terri C. 12/13/2023
Jared G. Avatar
Great experience! In and out with no issues!
Jared G. 12/13/2023
Alicia J. Avatar
They were so nice and made me real comfortable
Alicia J. 12/13/2023
Shera W. Avatar
Fantastic experience healthwise. In, fixed and out in almost no time. Wish I'd have known about this place sooner... Could have missed all the suffering I've been thru.
Shera W. 12/07/2023
Prisma B. Avatar
Nice and friendly place.
Prisma B. 12/07/2023
Scott S. Avatar
Very informative staff, very up-to-date equipment, no waiting. Saw me at the prescribed appointment time good information on the procedure. delivered by the oral surgeon, Dr. Adkins.
Scott S. 12/07/2023
Sally F. Avatar
Fast and professional! Super friendly staff and Oral surgeon!!!
Sally F. 12/06/2023
Linda W. Avatar
Fast & efficient
Linda W. 12/06/2023
JOE D. Avatar
Great. Good care good advice!
JOE D. 12/05/2023
Lisa P. Avatar
Great people!
Lisa P. 12/05/2023
Chris G. Avatar
Staff was friendly Dr. Atkins was awesome! Wisdom teeth were out before I knew it!
Chris G. 12/02/2023
dana d. Avatar
Everyone was amazing, very considerate of the pain I was in . Never been treated so well ❤️💯
dana d. 12/02/2023
Jerry T. Avatar
Very professional, and also quite personable. From the intake staff to x-rays, then to Dr Adkins, and his assistants, made the whole experience as pleasant as a trip to the oral surgeon can be. Best thing about it...NO PAIN.
Jerry T. 11/30/2023
Mary K. Avatar
Mary K. 11/28/2023
jim e. Avatar
jim e. 11/18/2023
Susan A. Avatar
Susan A. 11/17/2023
Richard P. Avatar
Very professional, to the point, and they explain treatment that you understand. I don’t have to think about a second opinion and my treatment was scheduled before I left the office. I appreciated their service.
Richard P. 11/17/2023
Rusty V. Avatar
I was dreading the visit but Dr. Atkins made me feel at ease. He explained everything thoroughly and answered all my questions. I'm now looking forward to my surgery and getting my new denture Implants. Think I made the right choice for my surgery. Highly recommend.
Rusty V. 11/17/2023
Cary L. Avatar
Very professional and efficient from all the time I was there. Would highly recommend them
Cary L. 11/17/2023
matt m. Avatar
Hands down the best customer service and best bed side manors I have ever experienced. This office cares about their patients and human beings not just a number walking in and out their door. From the front staff to the back staff to Dr Atkinson himself! He genuinely cares.
matt m. 11/17/2023
jennifer p. Avatar
Very professional staff
jennifer p. 11/03/2023
Macy K. Avatar
Great people. I’d highly recommend.
Macy K. 11/03/2023
Larry B. Avatar
Was seen promptly. Cordial staff especially Melinda. Dr. Atkins was thorough and very easy to talk with. Procedure came off without a hitch.
Larry B. 10/23/2023
Josh W. Avatar
The first part of my treatment went off without a hitch! Now to wait for healing…
Josh W. 10/21/2023
Lynne F. Avatar
I had a tooth extracted by Dr. Atkins this morning. Instead of the horrifying experience I anticipated, my experience was totally PLEASANT! The staff was very friendly and professional, Dr. Atkins was very professional, friendly, and extremely skilled! I felt completely UNafraid and felt like I was really well cared for. I would absolutely recommend these folks any day!
Lynne F. 10/19/2023
Veronica M. Avatar
It was a good experience with the doctor and staff.
Veronica M. 10/12/2023
Nannette D. Avatar
Thank you to the doctors and staff. They were the best in taking care of my son with his wisdom teeth extractions. Great office.
Nannette D. 10/11/2023
Margie B. Avatar
He had nothing but good things to say.
Margie B. 10/10/2023
doug r. Avatar
Thank you Dr. Atkins for genuinely caring for me and my dental situation.
doug r. 10/06/2023
Sierra F. Avatar
An easy and fast experience. Thanks Lonestar for taking care of me, and getting all 4 wisdom teeth removed quickly and easily!
Sierra F. 9/30/2023
Wanell H. Avatar
I want to thank the Dr and staff for getting me in. My experience was great and will be referring family and friends. Everyone was so friendly and great made the experience so comfortable.
Wanell H. 9/30/2023
Carol J. Avatar
Very impressed with Dr. Atkins and his staff. They all made me feel very comfortable. Dr Atkins called me at home at about 7 PM to check on me.
Carol J. 9/26/2023
Michelle D. Avatar
Michelle D. 9/19/2023
Christina Avatar
Dr. Atkins doesn't beat around the bush! He gets straight to the point and gets stuff done! Was in by 1:30, out by 1:50. Very friendly and he made me excited about my upcoming wisdom teeth removal. 🙂
Christina 9/16/2023
Shelby N. Avatar
Amazing and friendly staff! Amarillo is very lucky to have such an amazing surgeon like Dr Atkins.
Shelby N. 9/16/2023
Albert N. Avatar
Albert N. 9/16/2023
Chris A. Avatar
Very nice to the point easy going and gentle 10/10 recommended
Chris A. 9/15/2023
Melissa T. Avatar
Mom had tooth pain all weekend. We were referred to Lone Star Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Atkins. They got her in that day. He put Mom on antibiotics and we had her tooth extracted today. They were all so kind and knowledgeable. We really appreciate their service! They were absolutely awesome!
Melissa T. 9/14/2023
Ben S. Avatar
Quick, very friendly folks. I will definitely recommend them to other people.
Ben S. 9/14/2023
Scott S. Avatar
Fast and right to the point. Great and friendly service. If in need definitely worth going to see.
Scott S. 9/14/2023
Lisa V. Avatar
Fast Friendly and as painless as possible. Love the staff and Dr. Atkins.
Lisa V. 9/14/2023
Alex U. Avatar
Great answered all questions I have.
Alex U. 9/14/2023
Carole J. Avatar
Dad was having problems with his dentures fitting with his new implants & was in quite a bit of pain. Dr Atkins called me back at 1930 on a Sunday to see us the following day. He's better now. Dr A is the best!
Carole J. 9/12/2023
Bill C. Avatar
Dr. Atkins and his staff did an excellent job! They are friendly and very professional. They are the best!
Bill C. 9/12/2023
Ana B. Avatar
They are all awesome and make you feel comfortable 😌 Dr was also very reassuring and quick.
Ana B. 9/09/2023
Anne C. Avatar
Friendly staff! Dr. Atkins was knowledgeable, explained the treatment plan well, and was very kind. He made me feel at ease for when I come back in for the extraction.
Anne C. 9/07/2023
Dee D. Avatar
Great staff. The oral surgeon is so polite kind and gentle when working on your teeth. The staff is polite and very kind. The assistants to the oral surgeon have lots of compassion for the patients
Dee D. 9/06/2023
David J. Avatar
Excellent and very pleasant Dr and staff! Called and checked on me after I was home! Danny
David J. 9/02/2023
Robin B. Avatar
Fast and easy. Friendly staff!!
Robin B. 9/02/2023
Heidi P. Avatar
Heidi P. 9/01/2023
Delaney L. Avatar
Delaney L. 8/30/2023
Dorla H. Avatar
Dorla H. 8/30/2023
Charla C. Avatar
Everything went much better than I expected. Dr. Atkins did an exceptional job. It was quick, no bleeding, no swelling, no bruising and no pain. The only problem was that I was told that a prescription for an oral mouthwash was turned in to my pharmacy. It was part of the post op instructions. It was not called in. I called the doctor's office and left a message. I also called the doctor on call and left him or her a message. No one ever got back to me
Charla C. 8/29/2023
Damarcus H. Avatar
Dr Atkins and his staff were professional and friendly. They made me feel like I was in good hands. I had two teeth removed and I decided to stay wake, they had no problem with the change and made me feel comfortable before and during the procedure.
Damarcus H. 8/28/2023
Robert H. Avatar
Dr. Atkins and staff are friendly and ready to explain any situation. Do everything to put you at ease. Each are concerned with making your experience as pleasant as possible. Excellent care.
Robert H. 8/26/2023
Susanne S. Avatar
Excellent experience! Not only a great doctor but great personality that puts you at ease! Very clear on what we needed to do once we got home and for the next few days. The office staff was very inviting and easy to talk to. He personally called the same afternoon to see how my mom was doing! Excellent!👏👏👏👍
Susanne S. 8/24/2023
Milton C. Avatar
This was my first visit to Loan Star Oral Surgery. It was easy to find and very convenient. Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable and ready to help. Dr. Atkins was quick and to the point and took care of me in one visit. He also called later that evening to check on me. I don't think my visit could have been any better.
Milton C. 8/17/2023
Tracy K. Avatar
Dentist is funny and personable.
Tracy K. 8/15/2023
Clarissa K. Avatar
Clarissa K. 8/14/2023
Heather S. Avatar
The staff and doctor are all amazing. I had a great experience each time I was seen. I would definitely recommend to friends and family!
Heather S. 8/09/2023
Terry H. Avatar
Dr. Atkins amazingly wonderful. Bedside manner great! Dental Assistants very kind. Office staff courteous.
Terry H. 8/09/2023
Jerre H. Avatar
I had to have a bad tooth extracted and Dr. Atkins was very nice and supportive. I hope if I ever have to do this again, I can have him be my Dr.
Jerre H. 8/08/2023
Mike H. Avatar
Dr. Atkinson and all the assistants were friendly and efficient. And they played Elvis music for me!
Mike H. 8/03/2023
Heather W. Avatar
Heather W. 8/02/2023
mark W. Avatar
Had a rocky start but finished with five stars, Dr was was great at answering all my questions, the procedure went as planned. If I had one suggestion for them is, that if the office can’t see you on your appointment time give the patient a call so they can run errands or rest at home, I left work early to make my 4:00 appointment only to sit in the waiting room for an hour. I get sometimes they get behind, but a text saying you are running behind would have been great!
mark W. 7/28/2023
Angela K. Avatar
Angela K. 7/28/2023
They are always so nice and efficient
MELISSA D. 7/27/2023

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