General Anesthesia and IV Sedation


What is Anesthesia?

Whenever you have a serious medical procedure done that is invasive in nature, you will receive some kind of anesthesia before it begins. If you have ever had any dental work done, you have most likely already experienced local anesthesia. That is the substance that numbs your lips and your gums. While this level of anesthesia might be appropriate for limited procedures, more invasive treatment requires a deeper level of anesthesia to ensure you are comfortable. There are different kinds that are used depending upon the procedure in question. In all cases, anesthesia is administered by Dr. Atkins and his team.

When Do I Need Anesthesia?

Anytime you will be undergoing a procedure that could cause significant discomfort or pain, you should have anesthesia.  If your proposed procedure calls general anesthesia, Dr. Atkins and his team will provide an exceptional anesthetic experience for you. General anesthesia is performed for invasive dental procedures like tooth extractions or implant placement.

Depending on the procedure, there might be different anesthetic options available to you. The level of anesthesia you will need depends on your medical history and type of procedure. He will answer any questions or concerns you might have in preparation for your upcoming surgery. Feel free to send us a question via our online contact form!


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